Our Services

VAPT - Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing

VAPT is a testing practice targeted at applications, systems, and network infrastructure with the goal of identifying weaknesses and cyber security issues. With the rise of hacking attempts, evaluating risk and addressing these issues proactively is a must for any organization.

Source Code Analysis / Code Review

Static code analysis looks at applications in a non-runtime environment. This method of security testing can detect flaws in an application's inputs and outputs that cannot be detected through traditional dynamic testing. It serves as a complementary testing service with VAPT for a complete picture on the security state of the target.

Data Privacy Consultation

Testudo Infosec conducts information security consultancy services to help clients get a full view of their IT security posture. The consultancy service focuses on the client’s adherence to the 32-point compliance checklist of the Philippines' National Privacy Commission and industry-standard secure practices.

Privacy-by Design Application Development

We can develop custom applications and systems with a Privacy-by-design approach to incorporate security features and principles in the development life cycle.